Monday, May 16, 2011

May Flowers

It's the season of fresh flowers. I love the abundance of color this time of year. Unfortunately it's been a little late in our area of the country this year. I especially like bringing the fresh flowers into the house. It gives new life to each room. In case you aren't good at bringing fresh flowers into the home they make very realistic silk flowers. I use them often in clients homes and we sell them at The Mansion. So if you want the look without the maintenance here are a few beautiful faux bouquets. Happy May!

Photos: Elle Decor, The Mansion

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  1. I am crazy for the red/pink combo in the first picture!

    Will you do me a big favor and delete my blog from your blogroll ... and then re-add me? When I switched to WordPress, all of the feeds stopped working ... so it looks like I haven't updated in months.


    PS - you have to come to Blogfest next year!