Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I spent a great week in Manzanillo, Mexico with my husband and a few of our friends. What a fabulous week of sunshine, relaxing, and the sea! We rented a house right on the ocean and it was perfect! Plus it was pretty spectacular to fall asleep to the ocean everynight.
The view atop one of our mountain climbs. We didn't quite make the 4 hour trek to the top but this was a fun adventure!

The hubby and I on our way to dinner. Not the best picture but I like the perspective of the water and mountains.

The house we rented was indoor/outdoor and had lots of unique details. My favorite was this pattern on the wall to our bedroom. A fun pattern and something you could bring into your garden or home depending on where you live. I saw the picture below from the Viceroy Hotel that has a similar pattern in its interiors. Lots of fun inspiration!

Photos: Meghan & last photo Habitually Chic

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