Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Bedroom Inspiration

Wednesday February 10, 2010

A couple weeks ago I talked about water, seashells, and how I find inspiration in all things that deal with the sea. I fell at peace when I am surrounded by those feelings and this is the feeling I want to create in David & my bedroom. I want it to be very cool, tranquil, & relaxing. These are a few of the images that I have drawn from to help capture the feeling of our bedroom.

I love this relaxing palette and the layers of soft aqua colors.
This bedroom was done by Tobi Fairley and was featured in Traditional Home. This has been a favorite image of mine!

The texture of the luxurious silk is wonderful!
I really like this armoire. I like the application of the fabric in the doors.
I like the shape of this headboard and overall composition of this room! I appreciate this room but it is more masculine than what I would like to achieve.
Although this isn't a bedroom this is exactly the feel I want for my room. Soft, cool, & relaxing.

Photos: Veranda, Traditional Home, Southern Accents,

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