Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday's Top 10- Beds

Tuesday- February 9, 2010

This week's Top 10 is dedicated to beds. As I talked about yesterday I am working on some things for our bedroom and a new bed is part of the plan. This list is exclusive to the 10 beds that were narrowed down for my personal search. Their are so many wonderful beds out on the market but this list includes only the style that I am after. As you can see all of these beds are somewhat consistent, which is what makes my decision very difficult. I am looking for an upholstered bed and I really like the idea of incorporating some wood in the bed too! So here are my top 10 picks for my bed!
10) Northport Bed, Kravet Furniture
I love the height on this bed!
9) Caperana Bed, Century Furniture
I like the unusual platform styling of this bed.
8) Devonshire Bed, Lillian August for Hickory White
I've always really liked a tufted bed and this one is well shaped. I also like how this tufted bed has the feeling of a sleigh bed.
7) Dane Upholstered Bed, Baker Furniture
I really like the proportions on this bed. I think it is very sophisticated!
6) Montauk Bed, Hickory Chair
This bed is very elegant!
5) Continental Classics Bed, Hickory White
I really like the way the sides of this bed come around. It really encloses the bed in!
4) Chelsea Bed, Hickory Chair
The wood frame of this bed is nice and I love the soft curve of the headboard.
3) Soho Bed, Hickory Chair
I saw this bed at market and fell in love with it! It has a classic look that is in many of my inspiration pictures. (I'll be sharing those tomorrow)
2) Metropolitan Classics Bed, Hickory White
I really like this bed because it has a mix of the 2 styles that I really like. It has a nice wood frame & I also really like the graceful lines on the headboard!
1) Venetian Bed, Hickory Chair
I have always love this bed and keep coming back to it! I like the idea of taking a traditional bed and adding a really contemporary print to it. I question myself if I will get tired of the distinctive look?? I then remind myself that this style is a replica of French & Italian designs that have been around forever.

Hmmm.... Now it's decision time!

All Beds can be purchased at The Mansion

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