Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion Friday

Friday March 26, 2010
I find a lot of inspiration in fashion. I really enjoy seeing fashion combinations & the layers of patterns, materials, & colors. I often find myself keeping the idea of a beautiful outfit in the back of my head & either re-interpreting it into my wardrobe or into an interior I'm designing. I was recently reading a magazine and found this beautiful ad by Oscar de la Renta. It is a classic outfit, which is why it makes for such a beautiful interior. If I were to design an outfit off of this ad it might look something like this:

A nice bold pattern, beautiful shapes, & luxurious fabrics! What a lovely space!
Have a great weekend!


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  1. Hi Meghan!
    I love the use of the bold black and white as a print! When thinking about fashion,sometimes I wish I just had someone to dress me... just like we dress other people's rooms:)