Monday, March 29, 2010


Monday- March 29, 2010
I am not afraid to admit that I am a girly girl and I love ruffles! I think ruffles are so pretty and can be done so successfully. You can use ruffles in so many different applications. Ruffles are fun to use as a feminine touch in a room or you can also make more of a statement with them. Here are a few wonderful ruffled pictures!
The ruffles on these window treatments have a beautiful presence in the room.
Ruffle dishes on a ruffled table skirt, what a wonderful way to enjoy a treat!
The simple ruffle on a sofa changes the look of this classic space.
I love to wear ruffles too! This model is wearing a beautiful top, plus the bench she is sitting on is pretty wonderful as well!
A spectacular grouping of ruffled pillows. Adding a ruffled pillow on a bed or sofa is an easy way to make a room a little more feminine!
A fresh look in the bathroom, a ruffled shower curtain!

The ruffles on the chairs make for a great detail in this room!

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