Friday, May 21, 2010

Florist to the Stars

Friday May 21, 2010
I had the honor of attending a wonderful luncheon today at The Botanical Center. One of my clients invited me and I had a great time meeting all her friends. It was so much fun and the perfect thing to do on a Friday. The fundraiser was for the Des Moines Botanical Center. They had a really great mix of silent auction packages, I was lucky enough to even get one! The highlight of the event was the talk given by Kimm Birkicht, with The Velvet Garden in Los Angeles. The Velvet Garden has a client list of the hip Hollywood crowd. Not too many people can say they know what Jennifer Aniston's favorite flowers are or what George Clooney's centerpieces looked like at his New Years Party. Kimm continued to show us her impressive portfolio of arrangements all uniquely designed with a sense of tranquility, innovation, & luxury. We were even lucky enough to get a special demonstration on how to create a arrangement. Kimm grew up in Iowa so it was great to have her come back and speak to the sold out group! Here are a few images of The Velvet Garden's work:
A beautiful Centerpiece!
Kimm being creative in her workroom.
The top left picture is a handmade fan. Wouldn't you love to sit at a wedding with a fan like this?
This is a 25' table wrapped in moss. How romantic!
All proceeds for today's event went to The Des Moines Botanical Center. A special Thank You to the committee involved to help put together this amazing event! Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the floral arrangements! I planted hostas this year just so I could use them in the vase!

  2. Hosta's make for a beautiful arrangements, especially when their leaves get so big. You might have to help me find the right kind!

  3. Wow! I think I'd need a lot more than a demonstration to be able to come even in the ballpark of these gorgeous arrangements ... but how inspiring!