Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday May 25, 2010I talked about Typography in your home yesterday and then I came across these fun accessories for your home using type. The wonderful thing about Typography is it adds a fun graphic nature to your home & wardrobe. Here are a few fun new products out on the market.
A fun bracelet! I love the color combination of red, white, & gold.
A sponge that makes cleaning a little more interesting. Why not use beautiful cleaning supplies?
Cookie Cutter's in the alphabet. A great way to spell something out or even accent a name or event.
For those who really love typography, why not do a wall or room out of this wallcovering.
A typography plate that adds a graphic accent to any table setting.

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  1. Super fun bracelet! I'm a sucker for a monogram, so I almost always use typography in that way. With my twin boys, I'm all about old school Times New Roman in all lower case. I think it looks cute and very little boy!