Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Timeless Home

Tuesday- May 11, 2010
I recently came across this home in Traditional Home and loved everything about it. I think one of the things I really like about this home is it's timeless feel. The architecture & materials in all of the spaces have the feeling that they have been around for decades. This home has a wonderful classic look & I can definitely see myself living here. I love so many things about this home but I really like the mix of traditional elements that have been updated.
This formal living room has a beautiful blend of traditional elements while still maintaining a light & airy feel.
The color combination in these drapes as well as the treatment style is really unique!
What a stunning floor! It really gives the space character.
One of my favorite details in a study is when you build a sofa into the space. A great look!!
I really like how this home has traditional spaces mixed in with this lighter more colorful room!
The artwork makes for an exceptional backdrop to this great room.
A beautiful vignette to the end of a hallway! I'm sure they keep these doors open often!
Another great sitting area.

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