Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DSM Magazine

Tuesday July 10, 2010
Des Moines is very lucky as we have a great local magazine called DSM. They feature a great mix of articles on home, fashion, art, culture & people. I was a designer they recently featured in this quarter's magazine. I was honored to feature this great project in their magazine. I was asked to pick one of my favorite rooms I've ever designed. This was very difficult as I have been very fortunate to have designed some pretty cool spaces so far in my career. I think I picked this room as this is one of my favorite houses. The entire house is stunning including the mirrored bathroom! It all turned out so beautifully and the clients were the most wonderful people. I'll share more photos of this home later but you can read about the story here.


  1. congrats meghan! that is so exciting to be featured-beautiful room!