Thursday, October 1, 2009


Love the gray tones! Image from
Traditional Home

I welcome you today to the first posting on Living in Style! I have been following blogs for awhile now and thoroughly enjoy the inspiration I find from them. I am hoping that I can provide you the inspiration & love for stylish interiors that I have! As an Interior Designer I have the privilege of working on wonderful projects & meeting great people. It is so rewarding to help people live better! I hope to share some of these great stories along the way! Living in Style is a compilation of inspiration, ideas, & thoughts, about who I am and the things I love! My goal for Living in Style is to highlight all the elements that make living a stylish life possible: beautiful interiors, wonderful food, art, travel, and the inspirational people you meet along the way!

I think you will soon see this, but Design is my passion! I love furniture, objects, and art and the amazing thrill you get when you put them together in just the right, unexpected way! People enjoy my enthusiasm for design, and I enjoy sharing my ideas with them! I will leave you today with some pretty rooms that I love! Enjoy

All of the following images are from Traditional Home and are great examples of classic rooms with modern touches!
The pop of pink is so fresh! I'm a sucker for the zebra hide!
What a great color on the walls! I think it is a great contrast with the traditional fireplace and furniture!

I think the color in the window treatments really makes this room great. I love the composition in the artwork & window treatments, it has great symmetry!

The accent of blue is so great in this room! Just the touch that you see in the artwork pulls it all together. It keeps your eye moving throughout the room!

Such a soft look and then the accent of color in the flowers! I also like the juxtaposition of old & new, it has some very classic pieces and then the modern artwork, occasional table, & rug!

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