Tuesday, October 27, 2009

High Point Market- Recap No 2

One thing that is challenging about market is your list of things to do & see is so much longer than your time allows or your feet! I feel that way about these posts as well, I have so many wonderful ideas to share with you that I have to pick & choose which is most important. I'll start by a really outstanding showing. Baker Furniture has long been a classic in the world of furniture and it was so fun to see their large showroom showcasing their broad offerings. Baker has a very diverse offering with their traditional Stately Homes collections but more recently have come out with more transitional offerings from major designers including Bill Sofield who had a new collection this fall. Baker also introduced a new lighting collection by Italian artists Stephane & Frouwkje Pagani. It is very sculptural & beautiful! You can check them out online at Baker. The picture above was Baker's entry room and showcases some of Bill Sofields new pieces. Don't you just love the green? The walls, columns, window treatments & leather chairs were all done in this color. Pretty spectacular!
The room above grouped together pieces from all of Baker's collections. Fun to see how these designers inter-mixed these classic pieces!
This sofa is really beautifully done in this wool plaid. The chenille pillows are a great accent of color! The console was a new introduction last market by designer Tony Duquette. They say he left a legacy that inspires fantasy & stirs the imagination. I think this console does just that!
Another picture of Baker's showroom. Nice combination of layering neutrals. I also loved seeing this classic Barbara Barry chair in this beautiful leather.
I have to share this picture with you so you can see this beautiful leather chair! I wanted to take it home with me!
All pieces of Bill Sofield's collection both new and old!
These light fixtures were really beautiful and I think it is really nice how they grouped them all together. It creates more of an impact. It would be neat to do this in a large great room and layer the height of them!
I really love art and I think you will soon find this out, but these pieces were ones we saw at market that I can't get out of my head. They were really spectacular and my pictures don't do them justice.
Such a great use of color from Global Views.
Global Views had so many great vignettes and their accessories are really unique!
Have a great day!


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