Monday, October 5, 2009

Window Treatments

These window treatments help with light control but also help create a cozy feeling for the room. It also helps unify & accent the room with the color! The geometric banding is a nice detail! Photo is from Elle Decor

What should I do with this window? That is one of the biggest questions people ask when I am working with them? Many times a new home with all bare windows can be a huge hurdle for homeowners. A few questions I always ask are: Is privacy an issue? Is light control in issue? Do you like the aesthetic look of a treatment? Usually their answers to this will guide me to which solution we decide on. The following are a few great examples of window treatments done well and the great addition visually they bring to the room!
This treatment goes along with the elegant feel of the room but also helps frame the window and beautiful view! Photo is from Traditional Home.

I think this is a nice example of layering a window. The woven woods help give the room another texture but also are helping control the light. Photo from Traditional Home

The drapery panels in this dining room really help soften this room. They also really help create the mood of this room! The volume of the silk is wonderful! Photo from Traditional Home.

These panels help frame the window and create the movement in the room! Photo from Traditional Home.

These window treatments have both functionality and aesthetic positives for the room! The shape of the cornice is very neat as well! Photo from Elle Decor.
The window treatments in this room are very fitting for the formal feel of the room. They also help emphasize the ceiling height. Photo from Elle Decor.
I think this is exciting way to keep window treatments fun and youthful! They don't have to be serious! Photo from Elle Decor.
The window treatments in this living room make a beautiful statement. The color is wonderful and looks great against the yellow walls! Photo from Elle Decor.

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