Monday, March 28, 2011

Can't stop thinking about

I am immersed in beautiful furniture pieces all day everyday! I see a lot of unique designs both in person and as I am flipping through catalogs for clients. As I research for clients it is easy to be inspired by pieces for my house. One that I can't stop thinking about for me is the Hallings Secretary from Hickory Chair. I have a niche to the left of my fireplace and it would be the perfect spot. The only problem is my niche is 3" too small! Bummer! It is such an elegant piece and I know could use it forever in so many different places. I love how they've paired it in the bedroom as a nightstand. I hope this beauty makes it into my house soon!

Pictures: Hickory Chair, Tobi Fairley

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  1. You MUST own that piece, I agree! It is a lifetime piece, so classic and able to cross so many style lines. These are beautiful images. Happy Sunday.