Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inspiration when you need it!

It is funny how inspiration hits you sometimes. It was very needed late last week as we learned of our friends death. She had a long, hard battle with cancer. She was a wonderful person and way to young to be taken from us. Our friend had a beautiful daughter who turned one on Saturday. So not only did we have to go to Michigan for a funeral but also to celebrate a very special girls first birthday. So, what do you get a girl who has been flooded with gifts? That is where the inspiration hit me. I was on Elements of Style and she was featuring a watercolor artist. I immediately knew this would be a great gift we could give this little girl. We thought it would be nice to give her a beautiful watercolor of the Michigan landscape. They live on the west coast of Michigan and it is so pretty. We are hoping this picture gives her Inspiration always. Something that shows this little girl that her mom is looking down on her everyday. To the rescue.... my very talented sister in law. Bridget is an amazing artist and is a wiz at all things art. I have many pieces of her artwork in my home and I love them all! I need to post some more of her pieces but you can find some of her artwork here. Above is the picture Bridget did for us and below are some of the inspiration pictures I found that night. I think they are all very peaceful landscapes.

Photo Credit: Elements of Style, Bridget Blum


  1. What a beautiful gift, Meghan. There's been a lot of loss around me lately, too. It's heartbreaking. I'm so sorry.

  2. Thanks Traci! I'm sorry to hear you've had a lot of loss! I'm thinking of you!