Thursday, March 3, 2011

Storage Idea

A very popular element in kitchen design right now is to have a walk in pantry. This pantry essentially becomes a prep space to your pretty kitchen. A lot of homes have a countertop and allows you to work for small periods of time. Many of them also house those appliance that often clutter our kitchens. Most of us don't use our blenders everyday so it allows them to be out and easily accessible to get at when you need it. Now this pantry that I am talking about is definitely a luxury and quite often eats up precious square footage. Well if you don't have the room to have one of these huge pantries you might have room for the picture above. Talk about maximizing every inch of space. What is even greater about this storage area is you can close the door and the kitchen looks stunning again. I think this is a truly great solution to many kitchens!

Photo: Unsure


  1. Meghan - Thanks for the great idea! I'm saving the picture as inspiration...maybe something like this could fit into our next home!
    Love the blog!!

  2. Thanks Erica!! You could definitely do something like this in your next home!