Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Color Forecast

Sunday- January 31, 2010
Last week I attended a class put on by our Sherwin Williams representative. It was called Colormix and was their color forecast for 2010. The colors palettes have taken inspiration from the past to determine the future color trends. It was very a great seminar and very informative. They also put together paint swatches that go along with each of these colors (stay tuned for Tuesday as that will be my Top 10). The 4 color trends are detailed below.
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." That timeless wisdom from Leonardo da Vinci is now a modern mantra. Less is clearly the new more. But the aesthetic is artful rather than austere, with well-tailored lines and sheer, translucent materials that reveal shape and structure. Clarity and integrity are critical. We need to know and trust what we're bringing into our environments. The hues are calm, subtle and nuanced, with undertones that shift according to their surroundings, for easy versatility."
"Tropical blooms. Sunny days. Playful exploration. It's time to take a vacation and let our cares melt away. Happy spaces are here again, bringing fresh florals, bright juicy colors and exuberant combinations. It's the kaleidoscopic spirit of the '60s married to the jewel tones of the '80s, with a global twist. Cultural influences and motifs mingle freely, creating a bohemian mosiac that sings in perfect harmony."
"A throwaway society? That's so yesterday. We're now making savvy, resourceful use of what we have, discovering untold stories in exposed, painted layers. From flea-market finds to artisan-made pieces, imperfections can lend rich character to our environments. The palette reflects the beauty of natural aging, mellowing and weathering, evoking quality materials that have stood the test of time and become heirlooms."
"It's human instinct to seek the safety of the tribe. In today's complicated world, there's something deeply satisfying about re-exploring the world's oldest, most enduring cultures. African, Aboriginal and Native American influences are converging to create a new tribal style with a drumbeat all its own. The colors are rich and earthy, with a hint of mystery. The appeal is as natural as the elements."

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