Monday, January 11, 2010

Top 10 Turquoise Products

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today's Top 10 is featuring my top picks for Turquoise Products. As you know this Top 10 list is a new series for me and over the last week my oh-so-observant husband pointed out to me that my first top 10 list was oh-so-backwards. So please enjoy as this Top 10 list will begin as a countdown instead of a count up! Be Inspired by this beautiful color!
10) Arm Chair, Century Furniture
This chair has so much style and I think the bold color of turquoise makes it even more unique!

9) Angle Mirror, Global Views
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall can this be the prettiest mirror of all? This mirror could make a grand statement and if you grouped a number of them together it could be quite stunning!

8) Regence Style Commode, French Heritage
What a great accent to a room! I think the hardware on this piece is quite lovely!

7) Glass Vase, Global Views
This blown glass vase is so artistic, sculptural, & beautiful! This is a great way to bring a little bit of turquoise into your home if your scared to make the commitment!

6) Wallpaper, Harlequin
A great way to make a statement in your home is a beautiful, bold, wallpaper in turquoise! I especially love the large print of this paper. The wall almost comes across as being a solid color until you look closely you can see the pattern & depth of the paper!

5) Artwork, Soicher Marin
I really like this artwork because it has a beautiful graphic pattern in it! The size of it is wonderful and can really ground a space!

Lamps make a great accent in a room and can really add color to a space. A pair of these lamps on a credenza would add amazing color & shape!

3) Fabric, Osborne & Little
The combination of these turquoise fabrics adds a great touch to a modern sofa! I also love cut velvet fabrics and the turquoise color is amazing! If you aren't comfortable with doing a whole sofa you can add fabrics in turquoise to add the color into your home!

2) Foster Chair, Hickory Chair
This chair has beautiful, clean lines, & even more important it is very comfortable! I think this is a fantastic example of a basic chair in a beautiful color. The color takes this chair from ordinary to extraordinary!

1) Thomos O'Brien Rug, Safavieh
A great way to bring color into a room is by adding a beautiful layer of color in your area rug! This classic rug has beautiful color, pattern, & texture! It is a wonderful foundation to a room!

Photos: Century Furniture, Global Views, French Heritage, Harlequin Fabrics & Wallcoverings, Soicher Marin, Arteriors Home, Osborne & Little, Hickory Chair, Safavieh.


  1. I love the ideas depicted by your pictures -- especially the arm chair and artwork! A girl can dream...

  2. Those were some of my favorites too!