Friday, January 22, 2010

Beautiful Bathrooms

Friday, January 22, 2010
Today I went over to my sister's house to help her with her master bathroom. I have spent many hours at her house but rarely go up to her master bathroom. Let's just say I was pretty blunt about the horrific color she has been living with since they moved in. Her reply was, "no one ever see's this room". I then continued with my lecture telling her that just because this is a far back room and rarely seen by anyone, it still deserves as much attention as your guest bath. I feel very strongly about this because this is an area where you begin and end each day and it should be an inspiring place. Think about how much better your day might be if you could enjoy getting ready in one of these bathrooms everyday. Enjoy!

Beautiful & Bold!
A clean modern bathroom. The bathtub takes center stage here!
More stripes, but so fresh and uplifting!
Love the pink!
I really like that you can't even tell this is a bathroom.
Blue is always so soothing!

I think this is a very nice application of tile.

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