Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Wednesday January 13, 2010
Just in case you thought I was making up the whole color of the year thing I decided to include the graphic from Pantone's website. I'm kidding but I was doing a little research today and thought I would share their graphic! It's a perfect example of the inspiration of turquoise (more on that tomorrow)! As I was reading one of my favorite blogs Designer Detective author Shay Sampson wrote about Turquoise with a particular designer. I loved reading this mainly because I have been a HUGE fan of Kelly Wearstler for some time! I have followed her work for awhile now and I specifically remember when I first purchased her first book Modern Glamour and almost died and went to interior heaven! I was in college and I think my roommates thought I was crazy, actually they are creative people as well so they appreciated her style! Anyway like Shay states, " Kelly is known for her bold use of color, her designs have received accolades and much admiration from across the globe. Check out Shay's post here but the following are a few of the pictures from her post on turquoise! Stay tuned tomorrow as it's a personal one for me!
The wonderful Kelly Wearstler!

Credits: Designer Detective, Kelly Wearstler, Pantone

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