Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday's Top 10- Mirrors

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
A beautifully crafted mirror, the driftwood adds a great earthy feel!

9) Mirror, Arteriors Home
The style of this mirror has long been a favorite of mine. I really like how this mirror hangs!

8) Sunburst Mirror, Encore
This mirror is absolutely stunning in person. It is hand carved in mahogany mirror and has a convex mirror. The size is 54" which is pretty good sized and makes it quite stunning!
7) Oval Convex Mirror, Global Views
The shape & dimension of this mirror make it very unique!

6) Phoebe, Made Goods
I love this mirror because of it's unusual application! A told tone chinoiserie style tree gracefully branches through four individually framed panels.
5) Perlini Mirror, Hickory Chair
The size & shape of this mirror makes it so versatile. It is a lightly antiqued round mirror, surrounded by more heavily antiqued mirror.
4) Erastos Mirror Made Goods
A scrumptious piece! Warm aged velvet is hand beaded in a classic Greek Key pattern making it a very unique mirror!
3) Dauphine Upholstered Mirror Hickory Chair
This mirror makes the top of my list because of the many applications you can do with this mirror. The border on this mirror has the ability to be upholstered in any fabric or leather you wish to apply to it! This makes it a go to mirror in my book! It is inspired by classic antique paneled mirrors.
2) Constellation Mirror, Baker Furniture
This has long been a favorite mirror of mine! It is shimmering and really beautiful in size and material! The antiqued mirrored discs vary in size and are woven onto extending gold threads making the sunburst pattern.
This mirror makes the top of my list for many reasons but the top one being it has such a beautiful presence. This mirror can go in any type of room and make an incredible statement! It is an ethnic masterpiece. A dramatic wooden frame that is covered in silver metal. The metal is hammered and etched with intricate floral patterns. It is then antiqued and polished! This mirror is a true jewel!


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for including the amazing Perlini and Dauphine Mirrors by Hickory Chair! We wish they were as amazing in photography as in real life:)

  2. Thanks Laura! I agree the pictures don't do them justice! We have the Dauphine at The Mansion right now and it is truly spectacular!