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Tuesday's Top 10

Tuesday January 5, 2010

I've decided to try something new with Living in Style and that is to feature a new stylish list every Tuesday. A top 10 list seems appropriate! Working in the design business I have so many wonderful resources at my fingertips and I don't think many people really realize the unique, beautiful, and stylish items out on the market. So, every Tuesday check back for my feature of a Top 10. This list might include small items like hardware, pillows, or mirrors, but it might include bigger things like my 10 favorite Sun rooms, or kitchens. For my first feature I am highlighting a item that can totally change the mood of a room & that is a chandelier. The history of the chandelier is quite unique and the earliest ones date back to medieval places of assembly. The high cost of illumination made the chandelier a luxury symbol of status. Which might be why many people have this idea of very ornate crystal chandeliers in their heads (which some of the most beautiful ones are) but you can have an equally gorgeous fixture that is very simple. I am currently working on a project where I'm selecting all the light fixtures for my clients new home. It's fun to coordinate them all and to find the exact perfect fixture for the space. Since I've spent countless hours scouring our resources for the perfect fixtures for this family I have been eyeing a few that have made the list! So here you go my Top 10 List of Chandeliers!

1) Kevin Reilly Chandelier, Holly Hunt
This classic chandelier is one of my favorites and has been knocked off by so many companies but the original design & detail is truly remarkable. Renowned for its innovative cnadle and metal lighting, Kevin Reilly fueses the rustic, architectural, romantic, industrial, into modern design. What is even better is it has an array of fixtures that coordinate wonderfully with it!

2) Signature Chandlier by Baker Furniture, Barbara Barry Collection
This elegant fixture is created using cristallo oro, a combination of clear crystal fused with 24 karat gold leaf. Each Element of this chandelier is hand-blown using centuries old techniques.

3) Chandelier, Visual Comfort
This petite Paris Flea Market chandelier is one of my favorites! The size, proportions, & design are perfect!

4) Mansion Chandelier, Curry & Co
I picked this one because of it's name. Just Kidding but I think the richness and depth are the hallmark of old French and Italian pieces!

5) Southhampton Shell Chandelier, Arteriors Home
I have loved this fixture for awhile now and I think it is my need to live by the water. I think the design is beautiful but I also love the shells in this fixture.

6)Bronze Veil Chandelier, Fine Art Lamps
I love the warm bronze finish of this fixture and the contemporary feeling of it!

7) Crystal LIghts Chandelier, Curry & Co
The perfect proportions of this chandelier satisfy both the traditional and the contemporary.

8) Dauphin Chandelier, Curry & Co
This large wooden chandelier features a pleasingly simple shape made with fine hand-carved details. I love the distressed antique gold leaf.

9) Iron Beaded Chandelier, Arteriors Home
I think this fixture is stunning and could really be beautiful in the right space! The graceful lines are wonderful!

10) Sillicate Chandelier by Baker Furniture, Lexicon Collection
Reminiscent of graceful waterfalls, this chandelier is created from cascading tiers of cloudy Murano Glass folds.

All fixtures are available for purchase at The Mansion.

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